Valuables in the institute fallout 4 relationship

Fallout 4: Nuka World Raider Settlements & How it Works

valuables in the institute fallout 4 relationship

Sex and romance plays a substantial role in Fallout 4, and IGN's complete wiki guide will get you started to the road to building relationships. If caps and killing are your thing, I got the offer of a lifetime for you. .. You know, I 've heard of you, and that Institute of yours Some pretty. This is a transcript for dialogue with MacCready.# SCENE TOPIC 2 D3CF{ Walking through tunnels leading to the Institute./ Neutral} If the Institute.

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I can't even tell you how many caps this dive sucked out of my pockets. All you need is a few throw pillows and some drapes and it'll be as good as new. Look what they did to this place. We need to get the hell out of here As if the day couldn't get any better. We have to pick through all this scrap? It's going to take all day. It's hot as hell in here. These military 'bots have a mean temper when you tamper with "government property.

I can't look at this. Reminds me too much of the people I left behind. If I'm recognized they'll be going after me with a vengeance. I guess nothing's changed. Too bad they're out of commission. Hope this stuff isn't lethal. Thanks for the nightmare fuel. Whatever rampaged through this campsite might come back. I wonder if that ever goes away. Can we stay longer? Maybe we shouldn't touch anything.

There has to be something valuable in here. Didn't leave a soul alive. We're going to need them. It gives me gas. You don't want that to happen. People actually ate this stuff?

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I bet they had no idea they were being watched. When you talk to Shank, you will first need to choose whether you want to attack or talk settlers into leaving Settlements. He offers you a list each time, and you can indeed attack your own established places, though sometimes an unclaimed settlement comes up in the options. The latter are much easier to attack, especially if you've built up defenses at your own settlements.

Attacking Settlements Playing as a raider, naturally you'll have to kill Minutemen. This will make Preston Garvey hate you, but fear not - you can still complete the game with that faction if it's your only option. You can select to work with one of the three raider gangs when you attack a settlement. As noted above the difficulty depends on whether you've built there. If you had a Settlement with residents set up with great gear and heavy turrets, it's going to be much harder.

You only get raiders to work with you. Before the attack, you do have the option of giving the raiders better gear than they already have - if it is a particularly hard Settlement, this may be smart, but otherwise is not worth doing. You will kill every settler that lives there, and these new guys will be the residents.

It is possible you could give a guard assignment to a raider you armed. Talking Settlers into Leaving The speech checks can be hard, but greatly reduced if there are outposts nearby and you've built a radio transmitter.

valuables in the institute fallout 4 relationship

This option is only really viable if you have decent Charisma or caps to spare. The Settlement will eventually pay for itself thanks to tribute, so the caps are not a big issue.

valuables in the institute fallout 4 relationship

You get an initial speech check with two options - intimidation. Succeeding in this one will not make the settlers leave, but will make it easier to pass the next, which is the one that actually gets them to leave. The second check's difficulty is high as well, but reduced by the first.

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You pass, and they'll leave. You can then use the workshop. Bribery Costs This applies to both taking over a Settlement to make an Outpost and getting one to supply your outposts: A good settlement costs more to turn into a vassal for a reason. They produce more food. Failing and Just Killing Them All When you set out to take a Settlement for the Raider Gangs, you lose control of the workshop at that particular settlement.

Because I was curious if you could resort to killing them by yourself and taking it over for the raiders. I tested this, but it doesn't work.

Even if you go as a raider and fail to intimidate the Settlers into leaving, killing them all currently results in you fighting to regain control over the workshop, but not able to build a raider flag. You're basically resetting that Settlement to 0 population.

The quest will fail, though you may be able to try again one day. Nuka World Radio Transmitter: Scaring Settlements The Nuka World radio transmitter helps intimidate settlements and should help attract new raiders to your gangs. The purpose of Nuka Radio is to intimidate Settlements and let them know the raiders are coming.

These cost about the same materials as a normal settlement transmitter. Though the game does not properly display the reduction, speech checks become easier, with the price to bribe cut in half. They'll still show as red, but there is an increase in the likelihood of success. Secondly, these transmit and attract more raiders to join the associated gang. The problem with these is the silliness of the system.

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You're tasked with the option of making a new transmitter with each conquest, even if one is in range. The way you can avoid having to fast travel or god forbid on survival walk to a random outpost to make a tower is to build a new tower at each location when you settle it.

They require power, but a small generator will do. As for getting the materials to do this, you can do it the old fashioned way or do the following: Raiders love chems and hate working. This is necessary to make Raiders happy without your intervention. Vassals supply all raider outposts with food and building materials. Raiders do not like to work, so if you want supplies in order to build things at your raider Settlements, you will need to either subdue them or threaten them into supplying your outposts.

The benefit of this is twofold - Raiders don't like to 'pick fruit' as Shank puts it, and you do not have access to supply lines for Raider outposts they won't do that work either. The process of getting a settlement to supply your outposts is similar, except there's no killing the residents.

valuables in the institute fallout 4 relationship

One option is to go all out attack - kill all the Minutemen that arrive to protect an outpost and bring the Settlers down to 0 health, then talk to their representative to secure the settlement as a supplier of food and materials. As with the conquest of a settlement to claim it as a raider outpost, you can also talk them into supplying you. The odds go up in your favor if you have Outposts nearby and Nuka World Radio Transmitters should still help with intimidation. The rough up option lets you fist fight the settlement's representative.

Beat them up and they'll be more likely to give in to your demands. Unlike with the conquest option, you can choose to rough up the settlement's representative with a fist fight to lower the price if your verbal intimidation doesn't work. Your character will automatically put their weapon away and battle with the settler. You cannot, however, rough them up a second time but do get to try an easier speech check.

I recommend doing this before you give caps or try the speech check to get supplied. Instead, they have settlements deliver tributes to their outposts.

As Shank will tell you, nearby Settlements grow more worried and are easier to subdue.


Spreading your raider empire to nearby outposts is a better option than going all over the map. You can actually succeed in talking them into it or easily get the outposts for a couple hundred caps.

Make a robot workbench in one of your outposts, then enter the workshop menu like you would normally in order to set up a supply line. You'll be able to select only normal settlements, but can indeed access their building materials. This isn't really necessary for most situations, but could help if you planned a large building project.

Vassal Populations Matter for Food I did some testing by "cleansing" some of my vassal settlements and lowering their population. At first, every one of my raider settlements were starving on a regular basis. As more Settlers moved back into the vassal camps, the food problems grew less frequent then vanished and happiness rose along with the food supply.

Since you lose all control over vassal workshops when you enslave them, it may be wise to build up concentration camps of sorts. Make plenty of crops, beds, water, and defense the things Settlers need before you take the quest to demand tribute from them when you immediately lose access to the workshop. I suppose they'd rather work and live there, paying tribute to raiders, rather than risk being mauled by a yao guai.

Improving Settlements beforehand will make more Settlers move in than, for example, if you had only beds and a lone water pump. High population settlements cost more to enslave for a reason - they provide more food and building materials. Building up your Settlements before turning them into vassals, you can feed more raiders with fewer vassals.

This allows you to make more raider settlements and get much more food from the daily tribute. Settlements You Can't Take Over While you can absolutely set up a Raider Outpost in Sanctuary Hills, all important people must be moved first - no Preston there, no other companions either. Boston Airport, Bunker Hill, and The Castle can never be made Vassals or Outposts regardless of conditions and for somewhat obvious reasons given their importance.