What are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

Personality Assessor | What Do You Look for in Relationships?

what are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

If you're worried about how compatible you and your partner are, our quiz can help. to develop and maintain your compatibility, and look at what you can do to grow it together. c) Our relationship isn't perfect, but we are strong as a couple. Take the Relationship Personality Profile, our relationship counselling quiz. Discover the ways in which you and your partner differ. Looking for your soulmate or ideal partner? What if they're already there and you don't know it yet? What if you're ideal one is closer than you thi Take the quiz and find out who suits you best. . Relationship status? A.

Yes Do I call, text or drive by my partner's house a lot? Yes No Do I get upset when my partner wants to hang out with their friends or family?

Yes Do I make fun of my partner or call them names?

Who Is Your Ideal Partner?

Yes Do I criticize my partner for their taste in music or clothing? Yes Do I make fun of my partner's appearance?

what are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

Yes No Do I accuse my partner of flirting or cheating even if I'm not sure that's what happened? Yes No Do I take out my frustrations on my partner, like snapping at them or giving them attitude? Yes No Do I throw things if I'm mad at my partner or do things like hit walls or drive dangerously? Yes No Do I read my partner's texts or go through their personal things, like their wallet or purse?

what are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

Yes No Do I tell my partner they are the reason for my bad mood even if they aren't? Yes No Do I try to make my partner feel guilty about things they have no control over? Yes Do I sometimes say things to my partner knowing that they are hurtful? Yes No Do I make my partner feel bad about something nice they did for me that I didn't like, even though I know they tried their best?

Yes Do I talk down to or embarrass my partner in front of others? Yes No Do I have sex with my partner even if I think they don't want to go that far?

Yes 0pts Your Score If you got zero points, congratulations! At various times you may need to choose the best vacation spot, job candidate, babysitter, or place to live. Your most important decision may be figuring out your best romantic partner.

what are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

Relationships matter — a lot. They have implications for your healthyour reactions to stress and even how you look at the world. But how can you determine if your current romantic partner is the best of the best for you? This kind of assessment comes up in a variety of contexts.

what are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

Consider, for example, something that may seem entirely unrelated to relationships: The task requires wading through dozens and dozens of highly qualified candidates, each with various outstanding characteristics, to determine who warrants permanent enshrinement.

Still, no candidate is absolutely perfect — just like finding a quality relationship partner. Instinct adds nuance to hard numbers There are two general ways to make assessments: In a sport like baseball, with a plethora of statistics, a data-based approach makes sense.

But for a player to be truly Hall of Fame worthy, numbers may not tell the whole story. It should be visceral, a player should feel like a Hall of Famer.

But intuition is an important component of decisionsespecially social ones. Clearly, people rely on instincts in a variety of situations such as deciding which job to take, which daycare is best, and who you should date. Trusting your own feelings is sometimes necessary because expert information is hard to access — published research articles are often locked behind paywalls — or written in a way that defies comprehension.

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And of course, the very nature of science and statistics is to focus on what is most typical in a population, instead of what is best for any individual. In fact, some experts admit to using intuition themselves.

what are you looking for in a relationship partner quiz

A study revealed that marriage therapists acknowledge using their intuition and consider it a valuable tool in clinical settings. The Hall of Fame is forever — you have to be sure before you celebrate. Even though James is a statistician, the Keltner List is intentionally nonscientific. A similar process can help you determine whether your current romantic partner belongs in your relationship Hall of Fame.